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Dog Park Wellness was founded based on addressing the needs of pet owners looking for more gentle care for their pets.  Connecting pet owners that are seeking to utilize integrative practice with more natural solutions for their pets care & treatment. 

The basis is to use simple solutions and protocols that are effective and will keep pets healthy and eliminate undue risk of hurting pets.

* Test before you Treat to target the correct solution the first time.

* Topical Solutions for Topical Issues

* Natural Products are effective for Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Itch and Immune Support. 

* Titer Antibody Testing is responsible. Knowing the quantitative immunity basis numbers before making decisions to vaccinate is fair and responsible.

No Harsh Chemicals

By Supporting Cruelty-Free Products, you can help steer your pet to more gentle care products.

  • READ & RESEARCH before giving to your pet and be knowledgeable before going to see your pet care provider. 
  • Vaccines – Read and Research before considering vaccinating your pet to help prevent injury.  Be Gentle and Kind to your pet, read about spreading vaccines out. 
  • Vaccines come in different levels of Quality, (you can ask about TF Thimerosal Free or filtered) make sure to get the most up to date and good quality vaccine.
  • “Vaccination is a procedure that has risks and benefits that must be weighed for every pet relative to his lifestyle and health”. Source ASPCA
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